You can earn extra income by growing Fragrant Leaves

The fragrant leaf is one of the many gifts of God due to its medicinal values.

Fragrant leaf, botanically known as Ocimum gratissimum, is an aromatic herb found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

In Nigeria, each tribe has a name. The Igbos call it nchuanwu/ Ahuji; The Yorubas call it efirin, the Hausa call it daidoya and the Ishans call it aromokho.

The fragrant leaf is good for food preparation. It is especially valuable to kitchen professionals as it is the main leaf used in the preparation of pepper soup.


The fragrant leaf has unquantifiable medicinal values. Apart from adding the leaves to your cooking, you can also squeeze the leaves into a bowl or cup and drink the liquid for any stomach issues.

The leaves can be rubbed between the palms and sniffed to treat blocked nostrils.

Experts say the fragrant leaf can cure malaria and other diseases.

Speaking to , Mr. Kelechi Orgu, who grows fragrant leaves, told me: “When you wake up in the morning, if you have fragrant leaves in your enclosure, pick five to eight leaves, rinse them with water, chew them and swallow them. , then drink some water to bring it down. This will go a long way in curing malaria.

“Secondly, it plays the role of controlling your sugar level. When you chew very few leaves, you will notice that your sugar level has decreased.

“Thirdly, he’s very good at heap tackling (Jedijedi). If you chew a few leaves or add them to your cooking, you will be cured of the pile. Do not chew more than five to eight leaves at a time due to leaf toxicity.

During a conversation with Mr. Akin Akinola, who also cultivates the fragrant leaf, he explained how it can be cultivated.

“Regardless of the budget, the main thing required is the determination to plant fragrant leaves, which is another vegetable and another herb. It is a herb in nature due to the multi-dimensional roles it plays.


“Interested people who want to grow scent leaves can start with just N100. With N100, one can buy from the traders in the markets and then plant them in his compound. But for a person who intends to get into the Large-scale scent leaf cultivation, you will need land or lots of empty rice bags or plastic containers for planting.


Through my investigations, I discovered that the profit is more than three times the initial investment capital. Therefore, the greater the investment, the greater the profit.

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