Tickets: Atlético-MG Project gross income of R $ 1.5 million per game on average for 2022 | Athlete

In the year that has just ended, the most victorious in Gallo history, Mineirão has only been fired 100% in half of Atlético’s 14 games as fans return to Gigante da Pampulha. A total of R $ 46.9 million has been raised. An average of 3.35 million Brazilian rials. In terms of net income, the 2021 total was 34,726,729.82 BRL.

Atlético’s 2022 budget specifies two buildings totaling 53 million reais at the box office. See below what is written in the document:

– The projection contains general assumptions (1) a full-year exit at 100% of the authorized capacity throughout the year and (2) Estádio Mineirão as the site of the 35 matches that Atlético will play as host team during the 2022 season. Consider the history of the club in recent years and the basic logic of grouping the matches to be played into categories (levels) according to the size and attractiveness of the audience.

Atlético have the fewest home matches next season. There are 19 Premier League matches in Brazil, the three Copa Libertadores group stage commitments, a Copa del Rey third stage second leg, with all three competitions starting in April. Plus five home matches in the first phase of Campeonato Mineiro, between January 30 and March 20.

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