Scotland helps families with extra income

The Scottish Government has announced that the December transition payment will be doubled, so families can be even more supported during the cost of living crisis.

Families of around 145,000 are estimated to benefit from the extra help, thanks to the government’s investment of £18.9million which will help ease some pressures introduced by the ongoing cost of living crisis currently in the UK. All children registered to receive free school meals on the basis of low family income are eligible for payment and will receive it automatically.

Nicola Sturgeon, Prime Minister, said:

“I am proud of the work the Scottish Government has done to tackle child poverty. Scottish Child Payment is paid to eligible families and is unique to the UK. It started for under-6s at £10 a week per eligible child. In April we doubled it to £20. Five weeks from today we will increase it again to £25 and also extend it to families with children aged up to 16.

“This is vital financial aid for over 100,000 children, delivered in time for Christmas. It’s a sign of a government with the right priorities.

“But we need to do more because we know this winter is going to be really tough. Rather than looking forward to Christmas, too many families will dread it because they don’t know if they can’t afford to heat their homes. house or even to pay for food.

“As part of our support for the poorest families over the last year and this before deployment, the Scottish Government will double the December payment from £130 to £260.

“This will help put food on the Christmas table for the families of 145,000 children and young people. I do not claim that this will make all their worries go away – no government with our limited powers will ever be able to do this. But I hope this investment of nearly £20 million will bring some Christmas cheer to those who need it most.

The total amount of Scottish Government Bridging Payment funding is expected to increase to around £169 million in 2021 and 2022, alongside the expansion of Scottish Child Payment. This will be extended to all eligible under-16s, as well as £25 per child on November 14, a 150% increase.

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