Gross revenue ? Horror Filmmaker David Cronenberg Plans to Sell His Kidney Stones as NFTs for Nearly $30,000

In a world where everything sells, Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg is selling a photograph of his kidney stones as an NFT. The master of horror shocked audiences with his graphic “body horror” movies and continued that fixation by doing the unthinkable and creating art from his own interior. I guess that’s what decades of making movies based on the innards of the body culminates in. According to Japan Today, the director is auctioning off an image of his recently removed kidney stones (18 of them) just in time for his latest film, “Crimes of the Future,” in competition for the Palme d’Or at Cannes on next month. Whoever said “bad publicity doesn’t exist” has finally found his example.

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Titled Kidney Stones and Inner Beauty, the digital asset went on sale on the SuperRare cryptocurrency market last month, with a reserve price of 10 ETH or $28,000. “I believe each stone exhibits a unique aesthetic of structure, color and organic content that addresses the mystery of my essence, my reality, which is my body, inside and out,” Cronenberg added. His NFT has been in the works for two years, much like a well-thought-out film or a work of art. NFT isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and may seem downright repulsive to a few, but such is the nature of art or supposed art.

Cronenberg shared, “My doctor said, you know, I’d like to have your kidney stones so we can do a chemical analysis and see if there’s something in your diet that caused your body to create this,” according to the Associated French Press. But the director refused, because the process would have ruined them. “I think they’re too good to destroy,” he said. “After all, it’s quite intimate; it comes from inside my body.

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