Gianforte opposes Biden’s ‘non-American’ Vax mandate

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) opposes Biden’s “non-U.S.” Federal vaccine mandate, while South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) says his legal team it is on standby”.

President Joe Biden on Thursday ordered companies with 100 or more employees across the country to vaccinate or test their employees weekly, according to Fox News.

Governor Gianforte offered this response via social media:

President Biden’s vaccination mandate is illegal and anti-American. We are committed to protecting the freedoms and freedoms of the Montanais against this flagrant excess of the federal government.

An hour earlier, Governor SD Noem issued this warning to Biden:

My legal team is ready to file our complaint within a minute. @Joe biden deposits its unconstitutional rule. This blatant example of federal intrusion will not hold up.

Our friend John Jackson also intervened via Twitter. He nailed it with this reference to House Bill 702 which was already enacted in Montana by the governor:

Everyone in Montana, you are automatically exempt from Biden’s BS vax warrants. Montana law (HB 702) prohibits discrimination based on vaccination status. Make sure any shaky employer understands this.

For those who missed my return post at the beginning of August, I spoke with Rep. Jennifer Carlson (R-Manhattan) about his legislation.

What if my employer forces me to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Representative Carlson had very simple answers. First, she says to just talk to your employer. Let them know that requiring the vaccine from their employees is against state law. What if it doesn’t work? Do you call a lawyer and take legal action? Before going so far as to file a complaint, she says the Montanans can simply file a complaint with the Montana Human Rights Office.

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