Finding extra income with remote working is easy with this $ 25 tool


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If you find additional income desirable in normal times, it is probably particularly welcome now with the economic uncertainty of a prolonged pandemic on the horizon.

Unfortunately, finding extra work can seem more complicated than it is worth. There are hours to sift through on job websites and gig listings, and many part-time or freelance opportunities turn out to be scams, commission-based (read: risky) or even unavailable thanks to countless obsolete lists.

Enter FlexJobs. Since 2007, the niche job search site has specialized in carefully selecting the best remote, part-time, freelance and flexible jobs it can find. And right now, supplementing your income with the opportunities handpicked by FlexJobs is extremely affordable; you can enjoy a one-year FlexJobs subscription for only $ 24.95 – 50% off its regular annual price.

If we had to sum up FlexJobs in one word, it would be a difficult choice between practical and flexible. Let’s start with the first one.

Technically, the opportunities listed by FlexJobs are available elsewhere. But here’s the problem: With their large team of professional job seekers, they can spend around 100 hours a day browsing the internet in general so you don’t have to. It’s not hard to imagine FlexJobs saving you hours a day.

Part of those 100 hours is spent filtering out unwanted job postings. Fraudulent ads that want your information. Spam those who want to promote their services instead of hiring you. And then there are those job opportunities that want to talk to you “downstairs” and offer you a commission instead of an hourly rate or a salary.

Convenience can also be found in FlexJobs research capabilities. It can take you hours of Google searches to do what their internal search engine does in seconds – sifting through their constantly updated database of 30,000 handpicked jobs in 50 categories. different. Categories ranging from IT and Engineering to Customer Service and Sales. There are a few categories that the site doesn’t offer, and you can set an alert to have new opportunities sent to your inbox as soon as they appear.

Even the FlexJob blog makes it easier. In addition to content like industry trends and job interview tips, they feature job summaries such as “Top 10 Distance Education Gigs”.

And now that we are in a pandemic, FlexJobs is doing another vital task. They make sure the remote work you’re applying for is actually remote – not just onsite work that’s remote until the fall. Which brings us to our other word – flexible.

Maybe it’s not all that surprising that a site named FlexJobs is flexible, especially given its history. The site was started by entrepreneur Sara Sutton, who in 2007 was pregnant with her first son and was looking for a job with flexible hours or working from home.

Sutton was surprised at how plagued the remote jobs niche was with scams and other unnecessary advertisements, and decided to take the opportunity that she saw. The result was FlexJobs, and true to its mission, the site is accredited by the Better Business Bureau where it received just under 5 stars.

Coming back to their job search functionality, the available search parameters all focus on flexibility. In addition to searching by pay level and keywords, you can filter by job type (employee, self-employed, temporary), schedule (part-time, full-time, flexible hours, etc.) and whether the work is fully on-call. distance or just partially.

When you add it all up, FlexJobs is well worth the investment for most people, especially when you consider the third word that comes to mind with their offering: support. From resources such as CV help and career guides to a dedicated customer service team, FlexJobs strives to help you get the most out of their site.

So whether you are looking for additional freelance assignments, a part-time job with flexible hours, or a full-time job that seems more pandemic-proof, FlexJobs is a great option to make your search faster and easier.

One year of full access to FlexJobs normally costs $ 49, but you can get it right now for $ 24.95 – a 50% discount.


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