Find out which schools in New Jersey are on Forbes’ list of the best American colleges

Forbes released its annual list of the nation’s top colleges, and 15 New Jersey schools are on the list.

Unsurprisingly, the best school in New Jersey is Princeton University, which ranked third overall (behind No.1 University of California, Berkeley, and No.2 Yale), but other schools in the Garden State also made the cut:

158. Stevens Institute of Technology
174. The College of New Jersey
189. The New Jersey Institute of Technology
212. Rutgers University
215. Seton Hall University
223. Ramapo College
277. Montclair State University
293. Drew University
352. Rowan University
374. Fairleigh Dickinson University
394. Monmouth University
452. Stockton University
531. Saint-Pierre University
538. University of New Jersey City

For this year’s list (there was no 2020 list due to the pandemic), Forbes focused on making schools accessible to low-income students; traditional metrics like return on investment have also been used.

They also took into account the amount of aid the average student receives, the average debt of each student, and an average starting salary. Graduation rate, retention rate, and academic achievement were all weighted in the compilation.

Princeton, for example, receives an average of $ 52,188 in scholarships per student; each student graduates with student debt of around $ 3,888 and can expect an average starting career salary of around $ 150,000. A Rutgers student, on the other hand, receives an average of nearly $ 15,000 in aid, graduates with $ 8,483 in debt, and earns an entry-level salary of $ 115,200.

A public school was ranked number one for the first time in its 15-year history in the Forbes ranking, and six public institutions were in the top 25.

For the full list, go here.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle. All opinions expressed are those of Bill Doyle.

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