Female entrepreneur pivots to embrace technology helping housewives earn extra income

Workers clean the pouches before placing the products into the fully automatic double-layer sterilization autoclave. PHOTO BY PSTC-MISAMIS ORIENTAL

A WOMAN-LED enterprise, assisted by the Department of Science and Technology (DoST) through its Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC)-Misamis Oriental, now employed more than 60 local workers, mostly Housewives. At the peak of production, the company employed more than 70 people, including on-call duty.

The company received assistance for the second time under the Small Business Technology Upgrading Program, one of DoST’s flagship programs, implemented through DoST regional offices.

Bestfriend Goodies has established its second production facility, dedicated to the production of Enhanced Nutribun (eNutribun), a technology developed by DoST’s Food and Nutrition Research Institute.

While the company has grown from simply producing pasalubong (return gift) products before the pandemic, Bestfriend Goodies has now focused on nutritious ready-to-eat (RTE) foods.

The company requested additional assistance from DoST to adopt five more variations of RTE technology, namely arroz caldo, binignit, champorado, chicken tinola and monggo with dili, packaged in pouches. The scientific and technological intervention also included the supply of the equipment called fully automatic double-layer sterilization autoclave.

“This project not only improves economic status by employing locals, but helps empower employed housewives,” said Junelyn Louvena Ruiz, director of PSTC-Misamis Oriental.

There is now a sustainable supply of RTE nutritious foods in the region for undernourished children, pregnant and nursing women at nutritional risk, food parcels during calamities and support for feeding programs by government and non-governmental organisations. government, because it is the first RTE technology. manufacturing plant in Mindanao.

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