9 side activities you can pursue for extra income this summer


These courses will help you get started quickly to earn extra money

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We could all use a little extra income on the side, which can more easily come from running your own side business. But every business needs research before you launch, so check out these essential courses for running your own side gig.

The QuickBooks 2021 Essentials Pack: From Beginner to Accountant

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Quickly get a solid foundation in essential QuickBooks accounting software. The two included courses aim to bring your skills to the level where you are confident and capable.

Get the QuickBooks 2021 Essentials Pack: Beginner to Accountant for $ 38 (reg. $ 375)

The 2021 social media marketing bootcamp certification pack

Gaining visibility for your secondary activity is of paramount importance. Social media is a vital way to do this, and it’s easy and cheap to get started. This course covers all the basics including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and includes two core courses for a comprehensive foundation.


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Get the 2021 Social Media Bootcamp Marketing Certification Pack for $ 37.99 (reg. $ 2,616)

The ultimate 2021 Instagram influencer and marketing set

Explore marketing through Instagram. This course includes 16 hours of engaging content covering Instagram marketing, including tips and tricks and how to grow your brand as an influencer.

Get the ultimate 2021 Instagram influencer and marketing pack for $ 43.99 (reg. $ 1,493)

The Ultimate Amazon FBA & Dropship Master Class Pack

If you plan to sell any type of product online, this course is for you. It will give you 40 hours of content on product sourcing, arbitrage, dropshipping, and how to market your products.

Get the Ultimate Amazon FBA & Dropship Master Class Pack for $ 25 (reg. $ 1,615)


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Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video and Audio Production Course Bundle

Improve your video and audio production skills with over 30 hours of content focused on industry-standard editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. The included courses start with the basics and develop advanced skills.

Get the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video and Audio Production Course Pack for $ 37.99 (reg. $ 1,493)

The complete set of leadership and business coaching

Learn the leadership and decision-making skills that are essential for anyone running a business. Topics include increasing customer spending, outsourcing, and thought leadership.

Get the complete business leadership and coaching package for $ 49.99 (reg. $ 1,500)

The Premium Digital Copywriting training pack


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In a small business or side business, you will be doing a lot of the work yourself, including writing about your product. This course gives you everything you need to be equipped to write interesting and compelling copy, even giving you the skills to become a freelance writer.

Get the Premium Digital Copywriting Training Pack for $ 31.99 (reg. $ 1,250)

The 2021 Superstar Photographers Complete Pack

Whether your customers can find your product on the Internet is a factor that can make or break your small business or side business. Learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO including Google SEO, Video SEO, and Amazon Marketing) can help you get noticed.

Get the full 2021 Google SEO and SERP certification pack for $ 37.99 (reg. $ 2,493)


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The 2021 Superstar Photographers Complete Pack

If your skills are more visual, photography could be of great help. This course set includes instruction on everything from basic portraits, post-production and editing, wedding photography, night photography, mastering your DSLR, and even selfies.

Get the Complete 2021 Superstar Photographers Pack for $ 37.99 (reg. $ 2,736)

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