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Many people go through times when they need to earn extra money, or
they would like to give it a shot anyway. But how? What can you do to earn a few extra dollars?

Nobody needs to mention that you could have a garage sale, recycle cans, or resell clothes to a consignment store. No, what you need are some ideas that are off the radar a bit; legitimate but just crazy enough for them to work.

Consider following these offbeat paths to cash in on them the next time you are looking for ways to generate extra income.

Offer your opinion. Yes, your opinion is worth something, and you can get a lot more than a dime for your thoughts. Jennifer Martin, a San Francisco resident who owns Zest Business Consulting and specializes in work-life balance, recommends finding a focus group in your area and signing up. There are all kinds of businesses that sell products and services, and they want the public’s opinion, usually whether they can refine their marketing message.

Martin suggests checking out craigslist.org. “Look under the job category and do a search for ‘market research’, ‘paid study’ or ‘polls’, or research the community, concerts or the list of events,” she advises. Martin also recommends visiting findfocusgroups.com, where you will likely find focus group opportunities in major cities.

“I love being part of focus groups,” says Martin. “Last year I was paid $ 200 to have someone come to my house, film my closet, and ask me about cookies for an hour. In another private survey, someone came over. at my house and filmed me talking about money, banks and investments for the sum of $ 350. Not bad for two hours of work at home when I would have been relaxing. “

In most cases, you will likely go to a facility with a group and give your opinion, as it is quite rare to find companies that will come to you, although Martin seems to have a knack for it.

“A few months ago, I was paid $ 250 to have three people come to my house for an hour to talk about snack foods and taste cookies,” she says. “I’ll be doing the same thing next week for some kind of finance related product.”

Become a juror online. Another suggestion from Martin. “Trial attorneys frequently seek out people to weigh in on real cases that may not yet have gone to court,” she said. “They rely on jurors online to help them determine what an average group of people might think about the merits of the case or how they might react to their tactics or concepts.”

So, like with a focus group, you still offer your opinion, but you usually won’t leave your home to do so, and the things you comment on are likely to be much more interesting than providing scent comments. soap or why you would rather go to one restaurant than another.

Martin says there are several companies that offer compensation for your review or review of their case.

“On average, if you meet their eligibility criteria, most people earn between $ 10 and $ 60 for their time,” says Martin.

For example, according to OnlineVerdict.com, your juror’s payment would be between $ 20 and $ 60 for about 20 to 60 minutes of reviewing a file and answering questions posed by the lawyer. Checks are mailed one to two weeks after you complete your review, according to the website.

To take a picture. Then sell it. If you’re good enough with a camera and have a lot of really attractive or awesome photos, you can apply to become a contributor at Shutterstock.com, a stock photography company. Have you ever seen a pic of a family at a picnic on your bank’s website, or a photo of, say, a dog in a brochure and wondered where that came from?

It can come from somewhere like Shutterstock. Paul Brennan, the company’s vice president of content operations, explains that photographers can open an account and submit a batch of their 10 best photos. If seven of the images are accepted, then you are officially a Shutterstock contributor. This means that if any of those seven photos, or any future photos you submit, are sold, you could make money.

You probably won’t make a fortune, especially if you only do it sporadically. “At the initial level, backers would earn $ 0.25 per image upload,” Brennan said, adding that at the higher level, a photograph could make someone up to $ 120.

Teach. If you have a particular skill, you can eventually turn it into cash. For example, on Udemy.com, anyone can teach an online video course (which doesn’t mean that anyone will want to pay for your course). For example, there is a whole course on cheese – how to make it, taste it, store it, etc. You can learn more about dog CPR or take a class on how to assemble a Rubik’s cube. There are also more conventional courses on subjects such as art history.

So if you have special skills, you can organize a class. You can set the price, which generally seems to range from $ 25 to $ 99. You can keep all of the money, or half if promoted by Udemy.com. You can earn zero dollars for your work, of course, if you don’t get any takers (and there are standards; Udemy.com can reject your course work), but according to Udemy.com, over 1,300 instructors have won. over $ 5,000, and some instructors much more.

But you never know what skill you might transfer to make money. For example, if you are really good at playing League of Legends, an online fighting arena video game, you can check out LoLBoost.net, where you can teach people to play the game as well as you.

“These video game coaches earn between 20 and 50 dollars an hour,” explains Lani Gregory, spokesperson for the site.

Sell ​​something in your house. Of course, that sounds like the same outdated advice everyone gets when they need to make some extra cash, like, hey, have a garage sale. But those items that you sell in a garage or yard sale are usually things you don’t want anymore. What about the goods you want? Or that you love but never really use?

In 2011, when Whitney Sparks, a third-grade teacher in Bryan, Texas, who has a whitneysparks.net savings website, learned that she would need a root canal treatment for $ 975, that she should pay in full, she looked around her house for something to sell.

She and her husband, who don’t use credit cards, had about half the money. So Sparks sold his grand piano for $ 500. She admits she had doubts, but this is a solid example that your household could be richer than you think. You can have all kinds of treasures in your home that you have forgotten or ignored.

“I once cleaned out our garage and found a silver coin worth $ 25,” says Sparks.

Maybe you have some expensive jewelry that an ex gave you, and now they’re languishing in a drawer? Andrea Woroch, a Santa Barbara-based shopping consultant, recommends that you “make money with those old jewelry and engagement rings” and check out ExBoyfriendJewelry.com.

For example, a bespoke engagement ring priced at $ 2,100 is sold by a woman who claims her ex-husband left the 12-year-old marriage after her 26-year-old daughter fell with a rare brain disease and had Need help. from her mother to take care of her children.

“[I] didn’t sign up for it, ”the ex obviously said, explaining why he was leaving the marriage.


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